Golfipallid W/S ULTRA DISTANCE 15 PACK Yellow 15-BALL

25.00 sis. KM


18 laos

Lisa soovikorvi
Lisa soovikorvi
Kategooria: Tootekood: WG2006701


The new Wilson Ultra Distance Golf Balls have been completely redesigned for 2023. Featuring a hyper responsive core combined with an ultra durable cover, the Wilson Ultra Distance is all about long distance. If you’re looking for that extra length in your game, this reformulated golf ball fits the bill, allowing you to reach your maximum distance potential. The Ultra Distance delivers less spin on drives, equaling more distance off the tee. In addition, the durable Surlyn cover with a 432 dimple pattern provides deliverability throughout the entire round.


  • 2-piece construction
  • Durable Surlyn cover
  • Maximum distance golf balls
  • Less spin off the tee
  • 100 compression