Golfikinnas Fj Contour FLX pearl MLH L

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ContourFLX – Soft Feel & Comfortable Fit

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Lisa soovikorvi
Lisa soovikorvi
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The ContourFLX glove is handcrafted with premium CabrettaSof leather amd technically-advanced combination construction for optimum feel, comfortable fit, lightweight breathability and flexibility. Try it on and feel the difference.

Product Details

Exclusive, CabrettaSof Palm provides soft, comfortable feel, durability along with excellent water and perspiration resistance
• Soft moisture-wicking elastic cuff improves the fit and comfort
• Proprietary angled ComforTab Velcro Closer secures a perfect fit
• High performance. FiberSof material along with the back of the hand delivers consistent fit, breathable comfort and flexability
• Precision placement of Finer Gauge Elastics and PowerNet mesh improves feel, fit consistency and breathability
• Strategically placed perforations improves breathability